Oliver Eulenstein
Phylogentics and Computational Biology




Priyanka Banerjee
My research utilizes machine learning and language models to understand genomic data.

Interests:BioinformaticsMachine LearningNLP

Siddhant Grover
I am currently working on developing algorithms towards existing phylogenetic measures on trees and networks. My research is aimed towards developing algorithmic tools for diversity distribution and selection


Sriram Vijendran
Bayesian modeling and Deep Learning

Interests:Machine LearningDeep LearningBayesian Models

Sanket Wagle
Currently working on designing algorithms to efficiently compare phylogenetic trees and formulate new metrics to represent evolutionary processes


Jodi Calwood
Originally from PG county Maryland, Jodi is pursuing a PhD in the bioinformatics and computational biology (BCB) program under the guidance of Dr. Eulenstein and Dr. Kelley starting Fall 2021. She completed a B.S in Bioengineering at Walla Walla University in 2017 and a Masters in Agriculture Plant Science at Delaware State University in 2019. She is passionate about integrating technology with agriculture, her research focuses on developing predictive piplines for protein interaction, atomated phenotyping, and machine learning applications in agriculture plant science. In her spare time, she enjoys podcasts, reading, tabletop RPG’s, and videogames.



Son L. Vu
Machine Learning and Bioinformatics Application in Medical Research

Interests:Machine LearningBioinformaticsBiomedical Research


Kumara Sri Harsha Vajjhala
My research area is the application of Machine Learning for genetic data. I work on applying supervised and un-supervised machine learning techniques on RNA-seq data, as well as developing MetaOmGraph - an open source java based software package for genetic data analysis

Interests:Machine LearningDeep LearningBayesian Models


Tavis Anderson