MetaOmGraph (MOG) is a Java software to interactively explore and visualize large datasets. MOG is user-centered software, designed for all types of data, but specialized for expression data. It combines the ability to analyze very large data sets in real time with metadata analysis, statistical analysis, list-making, and graphing capabilities.
PD Stats
PD Stats is a project designed with algorithms to compute Phylogenetic Diversity (PD) Statistics - Minimum, Maximum, Average, Variance on a phylogenetic tree.
iGTP is a software package for phylogenetic analyses using gene tree parsimony (GTP).
DupTree is a program for phylogenetic analyses using gene tree parsimony. That is, given a collection of binary gene trees, DupTree searches for a species supertree that implies the fewest number of gene duplication events.
This program takes as input a collection of rooted trees and heuristically searches for a binary supertree that minimizes the total (rooted) Robinson-Foulds distance between the supertree and the input trees.
This is an implementation of maximal biclique enumeration algorithm from Alexe et al. (